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AGM/Awards 2016

Posted by John Beckett on 22/11/2016 16:45


The 2016 AGM/Awards was another lively and well-­‐attended evening, held in the Prince of Wales. Thanks to Chris Ely for organising the space, the sandwiches and for his continued support and sponsorship of the club.

No official minutes were taken, so this is a brief resume of the main points raised on the evening.


New oppos Pacific and Chaseville were a good addition in 2016 and should be continued if possible, along with new fixtures including Jack’s school Old Boys side.

The date for the End of Season game and party was agreed for Saturday 16th September. We didn’t actually discuss party venue, but the Wrestlers seem to work very well this year and feedback was very positive, so assume we will continue there unless there are any objections.

Stubbsy gave a brief update on TMCC (home ground) – all good, so hopefully all will continue as per last couple of seasons.


Summer Subs will remain at £55.00 for 2017. The club broke about even after pitch costs and subsidies, awards, updating wall, balls, kit etc, so all good assuming subs levels stay constant. We didn’t need to use any fines jar money as contingency.

Pre-­‐Xmas winter nets at Mill Hill have been very well attended and great fun. We’ve had 12 upfront payers which makes it all possible. New Year tbc, depending on available dates at Middlesex Academy. Les has pencilled Mill Hill either way.

Ollie and Swinders are looking into possible match ball sponsorship through social media and other connections so we can use better quality match balls. Some Tavs have expressed interest in their own companies sponsoring a match ball, so things look quite positive on that front.

Jeremy’s company (4C Associates) have kindly agreed to sponsor some playing caps. Assuming these go ahead, every subs paying member will receive a cap. More to follow.


There were no changes to the existing positions. 2 new posts were created – Ollie McGuinness was duly elected as Jugmeister General and will keep tabs on outstanding jugs and match reports throughout 2017. Alan Browning was elected as Social Secretary to coordinate social events, eg, Xmas drinks.


Kit situation is generally good. Any old kit surplus to requirements when Tavs are upgrading is gratefully received into the orange bag. Joe Quinn generously offered to buy a new club bat. Thanks Joe! We’ll probably need to get new keeper gloves at some point as they tend to wear out, but otherwise ok for now.


UK – Last year was a great success and the campsite worked well. Baz has confirmed dates for Cambridge tour in 2017 – Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July. We may also have a T20 on the Friday evening, tbc.

Overseas – Lanzarote was a big success and thanks were given to all involved in organising. It was great to see James Burden, looking fit and well after his unwanted tour extension! This year’s tour will be overseen by Redser, Dom and Yanni and they will be updating further by the end of the year. Provisional dates are Friday 29 September – Monday 2 October.


Darts Tournament is on Friday 30 December at the Dukes Head. Pete Thompson is coordinating.

Xmas drinks date tbc by Alo.

Rev will once again be curator of the fines list. Any suggestions to him please.

Simon Thomas proposed a link up with the charity Mind. This was well received. Various options on the table and updates will follow.


Terry Verney was presented with a specially commissioned caricature to celebrate his 70th birthday and in recognition of all the great work he has done and continues to do for the club.

Thommo gave an excellent review of the season around his Gladstone Cup announcement. Phil Stubbs was the winner of a big shiny trophy, with Ollie and JB on the podium in 2nd and 3rd. There were 20 entrants and it was agreed it was great fun and should be continued in 2017.

JB announced the MVP Top 12 for 2017. Congrats to Alo Browning for retaining the no.1 spot.

Richard Owen then MC’d the main awards. Thanks to Crip for once again handling all the voting etc.

President’s Award – Pete Thompson

Players’ Player – Alan Browning

Best Batsman – Dom Danos

Best Bowler – Ollie McGuinness

Best Fielder-­‐ Ollie McGuinness

Individual Performance – Dom Danos

Most Improved Player – Ollie McGuinness

Champagne Moment -­‐ Dom Danos

Match Report – Pete Thompson and Alan Browning tied. (Pete kept trophy after arm wrestle)

Tourist of the Year – James Burden

Golden Mirror – John Beckett

Best Injury – Paul Swindell

Babycham Moment – Peter Starkings

Golden Pie – John Beckett

Golden Ruler – Peter Starkings

Golden House – Alan Browning

Most Ducks – Ollie McGuinness and Adam Pervoe (5 each)

And the big one...

Rookie of the Year – Stan ‘Taylor’ Fletcher