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Player Ratings

Posted by Mark Blunden on 28/06/2017 09:19

Player Ratings Highgate Taverners vs. Railway Taverners*

(* A team named after a pub Tel, it's in Crouch End and called the Railway Tavern)

Highgate Taverners 164-3 lost by 6 wickets to Railway Taverners 168-4 with 9 balls to spare

The Tavs

D. Danos 8/10. Made the most of his luck after being dropped after offering a dolly first ball, accelerated to 86 off 56 balls including a pair of sixes and 11 fours. Fell just before the end when a ton was on the cards. Kept wicket well apart from a couple of difficult drops and a good old fashioned argument with oppo batsman.

L. Lancaster 5/10. Out cheaply to a slow one, kicking ball onto his own stumps in a deja vu dismissal of a week before. Solid in the field apart from a difficult drop. Brought some beer to ground which is always a bonus point.

P. Stubbs 7/10. Like Danos, dropped first ball and made the most of it with 36 off 45 balls in 100+ partnerships. Worth every penny of coaching. Pulled a hammy so couldn’t bowl, forcing skipper to give some muppet pie master a second over at the death. Did not obviously murder anyone in the woods so a bonus there.

S. Thomas 6/10. Only got to face 8 deliveries at a run a ball, struggled to live up to the brilliance of his previous outing. Solid in the infield. Tried to buy a jug of cider (shot selection issues)

M. Blunden 3/10. Only faced 3 balls so little chance of impact with bat, too much impact [from oppo skipper] with ball, over bowled. Couple of points for some good outfielding. Highlight of night reported to be the s**te he had in second over waiting to bat ( a risky two considering Swinders had just used the bogs but there was a danger of Granchester pants otherwise)

T. Verney 5/10. Answered the call as always. Solid in the field. Did not bat. Doesn’t fully understand what sightscreens are there for.

P. Swindell 6/10. Good second ball, but then took some tap. Fielded ok except the incident where the ball took such a deflection that it missed his head while he power slid under it. Also the matter when a concerned father was worried that his teenage daughter was chatting to him, when he really should have kept an eye on his wife, the mother of a former pupil not the pupil being his old modus operandi.

O. McGuiness 7/10. Bowled with pace and hostility. Most economical of the bowlers. On another day would have got a couple of wickets. Champagne moment catch in outfield.

B. Milligan 6/10. Picked up a couple of wickets, bowled his usual nagging line. Kept their gun bat in check. Loses a point for being the man who lives closest to the ground and turning up late with the kit and stumps. Would of thought a man who walks his dog every night in the car parks of the woods would known how to make a quick entrance and exit ( a bit of the old in and out )

J. Beckett 6/10. Only bowled one over. Was a bowler short with Stubbsy injury making juggling the bowlers difficult, still that second over for the pie chucker has to be questionable, but had rolled the dice bowling out his four main bowlers in the hope of wickets and winning the game.

R. Gutteridge 6/10. Bowled a good line, got a wicket, took some tap from oppo second wicket pair as did everyone, did eventually break the partnership but too late to change the outcome despite the Tavs having what was felt to be an above par score.

The opposition

Bowling 5/10 pretty mundane, lots of wides despite the generous ruling agreed.

Fielding 5/10 – dropped catches including Danos and Stubbs first ball.

Batting 8/10 - Their skipper was a driven man, 96 not out was the difference. Without him 166 was above par for the track. Came in at no 3 and won them the game. 

The Fans

Good support from among others the Quinn boys plus Twiggy and PXS ( two men who both hang around woods talking to men about their choppers but for different reasons)

The beer – the Truman Runner meant it could all end in cheers at the Prince.